Perhaps I was overly ambitious…and a drive through the English Countryside

Maybe I’m an extreme optimist but taking a trip overseas with a 4 month old doesn’t lend itself to keeping any type of routine. And now I see that it’s next to impossible to write posts with any regularity whilst travelling. Needless to say, all my plans to write from the road have fallen by the wayside.

What I have been doing is catching up with lots of family and friends which has been very nice. We’ve also been doing some very English things like having high tea and driving through the countryside. Here are Poppy and I bundled up and on our way out to the country.

It was quite cold in the north so we had to buy some extra warm layers. Which is a great excuse to hit the All Saints shop at Cheshire Oaks! They had a big sale on for all saints day (makes sense) so I ended up buying a dress and a cowl sweater/poncho type of thing. I’m wearing the dress in the above picture although the top part is covered so you don’t really get a proper idea of what it looks like but here are pictures of the items purchased:


Unfortunately these items are no longer available online but I did buy an All Saints wallet while in London and here is the shopping link for that:

Kita Japanese Wallet

Lots of beauty items to talk about, I’m currently drafting those posts. A Boots and Superdrug haul as well as a new limited edition item from Liz Earle. My trip to Liberty London and the many beauty shops in Covent Garden.

Once we went back down to London, we visited with some close friends and did more English things like eat fish and chips and go for a walk in the country. We also went to Spitalfields Market and the high street in Shoreditch. Here are some pics from the trip. Stay tuned for British beauty posts coming up!

Park in Enfield

Old Spitalfields Market, London

The Duck Truck

BBQ Train

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