New Beauty Product Launches

Some very exciting products being launched over the next couple of weeks! Here’s what’s coming soon to a Sephora store near you 🙂

Too Faced Sweet Peach Collection


If the Peach blush looks familiar that’s because it’s a relaunch of a product that used to be part of the Too Faced line. Many of us are super excited to see this again!! They have brought it back along with some new peachy companions. This collection includes an Eyeshadow palette ($59 CAD), Highlighting palette ($52), Peach blush ($38) and Peach lip oil gloss ($24).

This collection will be available in stores on January 6th. There was a soft launch online and some of these items are available for online purchase only but a lot of them sold out right away. For those interested in seeing more or scouring what’s left from the soft launch, you can check it out here:

Bite Beauty Everyday Agave Collection 


If you’ve been reading this blog for a while then you will know that I’m a huge fan of Bite Beauty and one of my all time favourite products is the Agave Lip Mask. I use this every night as part of my bedtime beauty routine. So I was beyond excited to find out that Bite is launching two new products that are part of the Agave line; a lip balm and a lip scrub.

This collection will be available at Sephora online December 26th. No details yet on when they might be available in store. No confirmation on pricing but I’m thinking that the lip scrub will likely be around $21 as that’s what the Cherry Lip Scrub goes for. The Agave Lip Mask which is already available is $30.

You can expect a full review of the Everyday Agave trio to come shortly. Let’s take one last moment to appreciate the sleek packaging on this….



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