The ‘Cleaner’ Product Challenge and My New App Addiction

I’ve decided to challenge myself for a month and switch over to using more clean products that are better for you. Perhaps not the most glamorous or luxurious beauty routine but I’ve decided that if I could even find one or two products that are cleaner and work well then I’d like to switch over on a regular basis. It’s also an opportunity to explore some products that I wouldn’t typically try.

Two things have brought this about really -1. I’ve been more conscious about what I use since having a baby. Especially now that she’s always grabbing my hands and face and I’m always kissing her chubby little cheeks, I’ve really become aware of the products that she is coming in contact with. 2. My friend introduced me to the Think Dirty app (Thanks Char!) and it’s become somewhat of an addiction. The app lets you scan products using your phone and then it gives you a rating between 0 and 10. The rating reflects how clean and natural the product is based on the ingredients….and let me tell you, you would be shocked at the ratings that some popular baby products got! After spending an evening scanning the contents of my bathroom, I was surprised to find some products were very good (like my deodorant which scored a 0) and some things were terrible (like my shampoo and conditioner which both scored a 10). The scanned product’s ingredients are listed along with an explanation of why they might be of concern. Some things are more concerning than others so you have to use your judgement on a case by case basis. For example, fragrances that could be an allergen or irritating are not something I’m really concerned about. Ingredients that could affect hormones or have been linked to cancer are the ones I am trying to cut down on. Another thing that I like about this app is that it provides cleaner alternatives to whatever item you are scanning.

So I set a goal of 3 or below for any products being used on baby and a goal of 5 or below for general household products and skincare/haircare. Anything over a 7 will be on very limited use basis….because lets be real, am I really going to give up all luxury cosmetics? No, I don’t see that happening!

So this month I’ve been testing out a slew of more clean/natural products. I’ve found a couple that I like enough to add to my regular routine and there are a few that didn’t really work as well as I had hoped. I will review the list and provide recommendations in an upcoming post. Don’t worry, they aren’t all weird things that you can only buy in health food stores or lipsticks made out of beets!

The Think Dirty app is available on iPhone and Android, be forewarned though as you might find yourself slipping into an hour long scanning spree the next time you are at your local drugstore! Haha


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