The Best Eye Cream Discovery

I’ve been having some severely dry skin around my left eye recently. It seemed to be getting progressively worse and more red and irritated by the day. No matter what eye cream I tried, nothing seemed to fix this issue and to be honest, I think a lot of it is from lack of sleep. I basically haven’t slept for more than a 4-5 hour stretch at one time in over 7 months now (I don’t know who these people are that have babies who “sleep through the night” from a young age, I certainly don’t have one of those babies and am still waiting for 7-8 hours just once!).

Even the First Aid Beauty Triple Remedy AM Gel eye cream that I love wasn’t intense enough to fix the dry skin so I had pretty much given up and accepted the fact that I was going to live with a puffer eye for the next few months. I was poking around the Winners natural product section one day and spotted a tin of Out of Africa Pure Shea Butter with Vitamin E. The package said it could be used on cracked skin, eczema, psoriasis, wrinkles and basically anything that was severely dry and in need of intense moisture. So in a last hope attempt, I decided to give this a go….because if shea butter and vitamin E can’t fix old puffer eye then nothing short of serious medical help will.

Well it worked and in just 2 days! It’s intensively moisturizing but soft enough to use on the delicate eye area so now I use it before bed every night and have gone back to using the FAB Triple Remedy AM eye cream in the morning. This is one of the best little discoveries as it’s the most moisturizing thing I’ve used and far cheaper than any eye creams I’ve tried. The tin costs $10 and lasts forever and the best part is that this product is 100% natural. I’m so thrilled with this little discovery and will definitely incorporate this as part of my beauty routine!

Out of Africa Pure Shea Butter currently ships within the US only, here is their website if you want to check out their full range of products:

You can often find them at Winners/Marshalls or order from here:

Or any health food/supplement store should carry pure shea butter.

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