Honey Bronze: A Great Affordable Find

Sometime last year, I was in The Body Shop having a peruse around and I saw the Honey Bronze bronzer on sale so decided to pick it up and save it for when I’d finished my current bronzer at that time. Well you know what happened next…..I came home, threw it in the drawer and completely forgot about it until last week when I was rummaging through said drawer and spotted it. I always love when that happens, it’s like buying something new again without spending the money!

Excited about my new (old) find, I opened the package and it looked like a lighter bronze which would be perfect for this time of year. We’re just coming out of winter and unless you’ve been away, then like me you’re probably still pasty and untanned so in need of a subtle ease into bronzer. Nothing too orangey, nothing too muddy, just a healthy light glow to perk up the winter pastiness.

As far as shades go, I’m on the lighter side and shade 3 is wearable for this time of year but wouldn’t be as noticeable on me in the summer. If I recall correctly, there were only four shades available in store at that time so it didn’t seem like a suitable product for medium to moderately tanned skin tones. However I just took a look on The Body Shop‘s website and it looks like there are six shades available now so there may still be a suitable option if you are looking for a deeper tone.

The good news is that if you are a beginner with bronzer, this might be the perfect product to control any fears of heavy-handedness because you can actually layer it without things going horribly wrong. It’s subtle, easy to apply and a great affordable find at $22 CAD!

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