Shiseido IBUKI Smart Filtering Smoother: #nofilter needed

This has quickly become one of my favourite products. I’m always on the look out for something that blurs pores and gives you that really smooth skin finish but also doesn’t look like you are wearing any kind of base. Kind of like a real life Instagram filter.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect with Shiseido’s new IBUKI Smart Filtering Smoother. It sounds like a primer but you apply it as a last step, on top of your makeup so you can’t really call it a primer. It really does leave your skin with a smooth and slightly blurred finish though. I’ve actually never seen a product like this before, it’s quite unique!

I’m not wearing any foundation or powder in the photo below. I’m wearing a little concealer under the eyes and around the nose and the Shiseido Smart Filtering Smoother.

You can still see my natural freckles and it really does look like naked skin only smoother. Unlike a primer which are usually more of a gel or cream consistency, the formula is quite liquidy. It applies easily and leaves a smooth matte finish. The product is nice to wear throughout the day and I’ve also reapplied to my t-zone later in the evening before going out as opposed to powdering for a matte finish. The smoother goes on equally as nice whether you apply over fresh makeup or as a touch up throughout the day.

This is an ideal product to replace a compact powder as you get the matte effect without the powdery finish and it’s small enough to keep in your purse. I think I’ll be getting a lot of use out of this over the summer!

You can find the IBUKI Smart Filtering Smoother at Sephora stores or online at Shiseido here.
Disclaimer – Samples were provided courtesy of Influenster. I was not obligated to write a blog post review but was very impressed with the product and wanted to share my thoughts on it. All opinions are my own.





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