IGK: Hairstyles of the Rich & Famous

I have a love hate relationship with this brand. I love the way these products work, they really are amazing especially for lazy people who want to put minimal work into styling their hair. However I really hate the way these products smell and it’s not just one or two things, it’s nearly every single product I’ve smelled which is at least half of the line! 

I’m clearly not alone in my dislike of the fragrance as many of the reviews on Sephora are also complaints about the smell.

IGK is a lot of attractive and edgy packaging/branding and I have to admit that it did draw me in a little. They also have catchy names like “Jet Lag Invisible Dry Shampoo” and “Down and Out Dirty Spray”. Or just plain obnoxious names like “Trust Fund Thickening Foam” or “Rich Kid Coconut Oil Gel” but I have to assume that the brand’s intended target demo is not a 30-something mom….so I guess I don’t need to understand the naming conventions.

All this being said, yes I purchased two products from this brand (the travel sized ones) and I do like how they work.

The Rich Kid Coconut Oil Gel ($17-$32 CAD) gives your hair that perfect piecey look. I work a quarter-size amount of the cream through the ends of my towel dried hair and throw it up into a bun before bed. The next morning, my hair is shiny and has a nice wavy separation. Awesome hair, minimal effort…..oh and my pillow stinks like uh Rich Kids I guess? Definitely no coconut scent to this product.

Beach Club Texture Spray ($18-$35 CAD) is another great product that works well with the Coconut Oil Gel. So I have my piecey hair thing happening but it is still a little flat on top so I spray in the Beach Club spray at my roots and fluff it up a little. Then spray through the bottom parts of my hair and kind of randomly wrap pieces around my finger to accentuate the beachy-ness. Again, it works amazingly well with very little effort. This one smells even worse than the gel though.

So would I repurchase these? Maybe the Coconut Oil Gel but sadly I don’t think I can get past the smell of the Beach Club Texture Spray. IGK Hair products are available at Sephora, you may want to head to the store to test them out first though.






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