FFF Summer Box

The FabFitFun summer box has arrived! This particular box is valued at $278 and costs $49.99. Let’s get to it and go through what was included for this season.

First off, there seemed to be a lot of beauty items in this box, I normally love beauty products in the FFF boxes but these ones didn’t particularly excite me.

The beauty products:

Avene Ultra Light Sunscreen lotion SPF 50 ($24 value) – This was probably the best one out of the beauty products. Perfect size to throw in my purse. I’m looking forward to trying this out. The only thing that seemed strange is that the package actually didn’t say where the product is made. It just says assembled in the USA. This leads me to believe that it’s perhaps made in a region that has less stringent regulations and the product may not have the same quality of ingredients that more heavily regulated regions (like Europe or Canada) would have. I don’t like the lack of transparency which seems to be more common as of late on a lot of beauty product packaging.

Klorane Dry Shampoo ($20 value) – I think I have tried this one before, a long time ago and it didn’t really do a great job. I’ll give it another go because I can’t remember the specific reasons for not loving it. I just remember it not being as good as Batiste.

Juice Beauty Smoothing Eye Concentrate ($29 value) – I have heard very mixed reviews when it comes to Juice Beauty. I am glad this brand was included because it’s something that I probably wouldn’t have gone out to purchase otherwise. So I’ll test the eye concentrate and get back to you on this product.

Cargo HD Highlighter in Bronze ($30 value) – I’m not really interested in trying this at all to be honest. I don’t wear highlighter often and when I do, it’s not a bronze shade because that seems to defeat the purpose of highlighter? This could look lovely on ladies with deeper skin tones. Cargo, a Canadian born brand now appears to be making most of their products in China. Sadly, I don’t think this company is producing at the same level of quality that it used to.

The fashion products:

Ruana scarf by Michael Stars ($54 value) – this scarf is more like a shawl because there are 2 long pieces that come down in the front and one large piece of fabric that wraps around the back. The blue and white colour/pattern is nice and something that I would wear. It’s a pretty versatile piece that can be worn several different ways. When worn in the shawl style, it just looks like a giant tent from the back. So curvier women will look larger because of the tent-like mass of fabric and thinner women will just get lost in the mass of fabric. You can also wear it as a sarong which is cute. I’m probably just going to wear this as a regular scarf though. It looks stylish enough but I wouldn’t say it’s really worth the valued price of $54.

Mystic Bar Necklace by Kris Nations ($58 value) – a very pretty necklace! It comes in 3 colour options; turquoise, white or peach. I was hoping for either turquoise or white but ended up with the peach. The gold chain and peach gemstones get lost in my skin tone so it’s hard to see that I’m even wearing a necklace. I think the silver chain with white gemstones would have been more suited to me. The other disappointing thing is that the clasp sticks when open, overall the quality is definitely not reflective of the $58 value.

The lifestyle products:

BKR Little ($35) – this water bottle is my favourite item in the summer box! It’s made of high quality glass and covered in durable rubbery plastic material so you don’t have to worry about the glass breaking. Perfect for taking to the gym, in the car or keeping on your desk at work.

On the Road Again Travel Set ($28) – I was quite excited about this travel set. The bronze colour is chic and the phrase “On the Road Again” isn’t the usual cheesy inspirational stuff that we usually get. Oh wait, that was before I took out the luggage tag…….


Hands Off? This doesn’t even make any sense, wouldn’t you obviously prefer for baggage handlers to keep their hands on your luggage? And if someone was looking to steal a bag, it’s not like they would see this luggage tag and think ooooh, better skip that one. This just looks silly for a grown up to be toting around on their luggage. But one decent item out of two ain’t bad right? This would be the case except the passport holder doesn’t seem to fit my Canadian passport so it’s pretty much useless. It might fit the newer passports which are slightly slimmer but it definitely doesn’t fit the older size. Unfortunately, what seemed like a very promising set ended up being a bit of a fail.
I have to say that overall I wasn’t very excited about the contents of this box compared to the first two FFF boxes I received. Most of the products didn’t really do it for me and I feel like the actual value is well below $278. All together, it’s still very much worth the $49.99 cost but I would probably value this box more at maybe $75-$100 in value. I’m a little disappointed but not ready to cancel my subscription just yet. I get that not everyone is going to be pleased with every item in every box so maybe this one just wasn’t for me. The next one for fall will play a bigger role in my decision to cancel or continue with the subscription so stay tuned!

If you did like what you see in the summer box and are interested in signing up, here is a link for $10 off your first box. The subscription is cancellable at any time.




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