Summer Glow: Clinique Self Sun Tanner

This post was actually written several weeks ago (I’ll explain why further down) and I debated between posting it late or not at all but I’ve been using this product solidly over the last couple of months and really liking it, so here it is 🙂

In true Canadian fashion it went from a cold and wet spring to immediately hot. I’m not complaining, I love the warm weather. It does present a bit of a problem though when transitioning the wardrobe from long to short sleeves….I’m talking about pasty winter legs and the first time you bust out the shorts or summer skirt – it’s self tan season.

I decided to try the one from Clinique this year and I’m actually very impressed with it! The consistency is perfect, not too thick or thin. Extremely easy to apply, blends well, absorbs quite quickly. It does have that chemical tanner smell (they all do) but it fades quickly so it’s not that strong kind of smell that lingers all day.

The Clinique Sunless Tanner comes in two shades; Light-Medium and Medium-Deep. I am a light-medium skin tone however after reading the reviews online, it seemed like the medium-deep was a better option if you are any shade deeper than fair and are going for noticeable colour. So I picked the Medium-Deep and am glad I did because the results are what I was looking for. Soft subtle tan, not orange looking and still buildable if I need to add more layers. So unless you have a very light skin tone, I would recommend opting for the deeper shade.


Before and After

It wasn’t until about a week and a half after the second photo that I realized this is actually a terrible comparison reference as the backgrounds are completely different. This is why the post never went up right away. I was going to retake the pictures using the same background but by then I’d already applied a couple more coats of the self tanner. This means, I’d have to wait a couple more weeks to go back to original skin tone but I’d also been outside a lot and got some natural sun so I was never going to be able to properly turn the clock backwards and get to the same starting point……so you can see the dilemma of why this post has been so delayed. However even though the backgrounds are different, if anything the white background would make my legs look “darker” than the beige one. So in reality the result is even better than what is evident from these photos.

There is a slight tint to the cream so I generally try to be quick in the application and wash my hands right after to avoid any staining. There was no issue with colour transfer to clothes or chair fabrics. However if you get your legs wet within a couple of hours of application then the colour does run with water. I found this out the hard way when taking my daughter to the local splash pad and wondering why another mom kept looking at my legs. Haha

Clinique Self Sun retails for $33 CAD and is available at all major department stores and online at Clinique here




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