Glossier Pop-Up Shop, Toronto

If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen my post about the Glossier Pop-up that rolled into town the week before. As it was walking distance from my house, I decided to go and have a look….who are we kidding? It could have been on the other side of the GTA and I still would have gone. 

I really just wanted to have a proper chance to poke around all of the products so I could see if there was something that I was missing out on or if there was something I had planned to buy online that wasn’t perhaps what I thought it would be. It was “a good preventative measure, to not waste money ordering something online that could potentially be disappointing” was how I positioned it to my husband.
So I went down on opening night and had a chance to check out all of the products that were on my potential to-buy list and it actually did help me cross a few things off (as well as add a couple). I ended up getting the Rose balm dot com because it was a really pretty, sweet rose scent. The Birthday one is still my fave but this is a close second. I also went for the Haloscope in Quartz because it’s much raved about and although I’m not really into highlighter, this is very subtle and I’ve ended up using it nearly every day.

Products that I planned to buy but ended up passing on were:

  • Lip gloss – it was too sticky and reminded me of MAC lipglass
  • Generation G lipsticks – nothing particularly unique about this formula or the shade options
  • Skin Tint – was very lightweight and felt nice but doesn’t have an SPF and is not better than the IT Cosmetics CC Cream that I love
  • Super Serums – they were ok but I like my current skin routine

Products I had no plan to buy but ended up getting were:

  • Wowder Brush – because it’s compact, pink and super soft
  • Mega Greens Galaxy Pack Face Mask

I enjoyed the Glossier showroom experience, it was very pink and the purchase method was unique. You had to locate a girl in a pink mechanics jumpsuit and she put the order through on her iPad. Then you went to the back booth and waited until another girl shouted your name out and handed you your bag of products. I headed home a happy customer with no plans of going back to the shop because there was nothing left to try that I hadn’t already looked at.

Clearly I wasn’t expecting for Glossier to launch their new Body Hero line here in Toronto during the pop-up…..but they did. Of course and then I had to go back to see the new stuff. So back again I went on the final night of the week-long pop up shop. I even made a new friend while waiting in line (Hi Julie!). There was a short line and I asked the girl in front of me to hold my spot while I ran to put change in the parking meter. When I got back, we ended up chatting and then eventually shopping together.

New Body Hero

The Body Hero line consists of a shower oil cleanser and moisturizing cream. They have a pretty strong orange blossom scent and very much remind me of the Nuxe Reve de Miel oil scent. It also has some similar notes that remind me of Tom Ford’s Neroli Portofino but maybe not quite as crisp. Overall quite a pleasant scent but I  went through a big Nuxe phase and am now kind of over the smell.  So I passed on the moisturizer but was sort of intrigued about the oil cleanser and purchased that.

The cleanser is an oil that turns to milk as soon as it’s mixed with water. The formula is quite thin and rinses off easily. It left my skin reasonably moisturized and is good for this time of year but i’m not sure if it would be enough in the winter time. I love the pump packaging, it’s mess-free, easy to use and looks nice in the shower. If anything I’d probably refill it with another oil cleanser.

At the Glossier showroom, the pink jumpsuit girls were telling everyone that this is a very unique product in the market which I wouldn’t entirely agree with. I’ve been using L’Occitane’s Almond Oil Cleanser for years and still prefer the scent of that one. It’s thicker and harder to rinse off vs. the Glossier Body Hero but is also a bit more moisturizing. Also pricier so if you are looking for a more affordable option then Glossier might be the one.

I’m glad that I did end up going back though because we received a free tote bag with purchase on the last day.

From what I hear, there was a pretty steady stream of people every day that the shop was open so I wouldn’t be surprised if a permanent Toronto showroom opens in the near future.

Don’t worry if you missed it though because everything is still available online in the US  and Canada (also coming soon to the UK). There is free shipping to Canada with any $40 purchase and here is a code for 10% off your first purchase

Sorry and you’re welcome! 🙂

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