Happy Birthday: The Blog is 1, let’s do a give-away!

The blog turns 1 today! I can’t believe it’s been a year already. I started this blog just after my daughter was born and in a way, it’s really become my second baby. Continue reading “Happy Birthday: The Blog is 1, let’s do a give-away!”

Vacation and Life Update


A little catch up and update on some life things. If you are strictly here for the beauty info (and I completely understand if you are, it is a beauty blog after all) then you might want to skip this post. Keep reading if you want to see some vacation and baby pics. Continue reading “Vacation and Life Update”

Amazing Beauty Finds at The Bay



I’ve been working with Influenster as their Canadian Guest Editor and writing some articles. Not all are beauty related which is why I don’t always post about them here on the blog however my most recent article is all about amazing beauty finds at The Bay.

Has anyone been to The Bay’s beauty counter lately? They’ve really revamped the brands and refreshed their look and I’ve been loving the shopping experience especially at the Beauty Underground section at the Queen Street store. Check out how cool it looks

Continue reading “Amazing Beauty Finds at The Bay”

Guest Editor for Influenster

Some very exciting news to share with you – I will be working with Influenster as their Canadian Guest Editor! In case you are not familiar with Influenster, it’s a community of over 3 million members & influencers who engage, review and share honest opinions on every kind of product. From beauty products to household cleaners, food to vacations, members are given the opportunity to share their opinions about brands. It’s completely free to join and many eligible members are sent free products to test and review.

I’ll be writing some articles for the Influenster site about beauty, lifestyle and more. My March Break Getaway Essentials blog post was featured last month. I’m super pumped to be working with their team and excited to share the content with you guys so stay tuned for more on this soon! Continue reading “Guest Editor for Influenster”

Christmas Gift Guide – Over $50

Welcome back for the final instalment of the Christmas Gift Guide – the $50+ list. I realize that’s a rather ambiguous amount as this could mean a $75 item or something that’s $900. I’ve capped the higher end at around $130 because that seems like a reasonable amount without getting overly extravagant and the purpose of this gift guide is to keep things relatively affordable. Also several of the non beauty items are currently on sale, hurray!! Continue reading “Christmas Gift Guide – Over $50”

Perhaps I was overly ambitious…and a drive through the English Countryside

Maybe I’m an extreme optimist but taking a trip overseas with a 4 month old doesn’t lend itself to keeping any type of routine. And now I see that it’s next to impossible to write posts with any regularity whilst travelling. Needless to say, all my plans to write from the road have fallen by the wayside.

What I have been doing is catching up with lots of family and friends which has been very nice. We’ve also been doing some very English things like having high tea and driving through the countryside. Here are Poppy and I bundled up and on our way out to the country. Continue reading “Perhaps I was overly ambitious…and a drive through the English Countryside”