Rediscovering Old Favourites


Many of us beauty lovers are so excited about all of the newest launches and discovering the next big beauty innovation that we forget about some really great products – oldies but goodies!

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Festival Beauty Bag

Festival season is in full swing and I’m slightly jealous of all you lucky ducks who are going to Governor’s Ball, Osheaga, Lollapalooza, WayHome etc. My festival days are over on hold…..I mean I’d like to think that I’m the cool parent who brings their cute baby with the tiny ear muffs to a music festival but who am I kidding? I can barely look after myself for a weekend in a crowded place with the hot sun beating down, let alone a baby.  Continue reading “Festival Beauty Bag”

Honey Bronze: A Great Affordable Find

Sometime last year, I was in The Body Shop having a peruse around and I saw the Honey Bronze bronzer on sale so decided to pick it up and save it for when I’d finished my current bronzer at that time. Well you know what happened next…..I came home, threw it in the drawer and completely forgot about it until last week when I was rummaging through said drawer and spotted it. I always love when that happens, it’s like buying something new again without spending the money! Continue reading “Honey Bronze: A Great Affordable Find”