Vacation and Life Update


A little catch up and update on some life things. If you are strictly here for the beauty info (and I completely understand if you are, it is a beauty blog after all) then you might want to skip this post. Keep reading if you want to see some vacation and baby pics. Continue reading “Vacation and Life Update”

Travel Essentials – Beauty and Carry On

Procrastination has ¬†been the theme this week. I was supposed to start packing for our trip over the weekend, I got the diaper bag packed which consists of throwing diapers and wipes in. So last night I decided to get some serious packing done….what really happened was that I spent an hour+ ¬†going through my beauty minis and deciding what toiletries and makeup I would take. So now with one day left, I have exactly one diaper bag and one makeup & toiletry bag packed. And of course instead of packing, I’m now writing a blog post about travel essentials. Continue reading “Travel Essentials – Beauty and Carry On”

A Weekend in the Country

Over the thanksgiving long weekend, we went to visit family just north of the city in Caledon. As much as I love the city, it’s nice to get out to the country sometimes. Caledon is particularly beautiful at this time of year with the changing colours of the trees and we sometimes go for a hike through the conservation. Continue reading “A Weekend in the Country”