Christmas Gift Guide – $20-$50

Welcome back to the Christmas Gift Guide, today we are taking a look at the $20-$50 price range. The¬†nice thing about gift sets is that you have the option to part some of the items out and use them for stocking stuffers or just as a smaller gift. Like the below set for example, you could easily split this into 2 smaller gifts of 1 cream + lip conditioner per person. Or if you have a shopping problem and tend to buy Christmas gifts as one for you, one for me then this might suit you well….not that I know anyone like that. Continue reading “Christmas Gift Guide – $20-$50”

First Aid Beauty


One of my favourite skincare lines that I have recently discovered is First Aid Beauty (FAB). I stumbled upon this brand last year while looking for some serious heavy duty hand cream. There are a few effective hand creams available that help to repair severely dry, cracked¬†skin but they usually have some fragrance and always cause more irritation. So I was in Sephora on a mission to find something fragrance free that would fix my dry skin without causing further irritation. I was looking for something basic that would get the job done quickly. Continue reading “First Aid Beauty”