Liberty London

One of my absolute favourite places to visit in London is Liberty. It’s an old world luxury goods department store. I say old world because it still has a habadashery department (and for those asking what habadashery is….exactly!). Liberty has a Tudor facade with the freshest, most beautiful flower display outside. Continue reading “Liberty London”

Perhaps I was overly ambitious…and a drive through the English Countryside

Maybe I’m an extreme optimist but taking a trip overseas with a 4 month old doesn’t lend itself to keeping any type of routine. And now I see that it’s next to impossible to write posts with any regularity whilst travelling. Needless to say, all my plans to write from the road have fallen by the wayside.

What I have been doing is catching up with lots of family and friends which has been very nice. We’ve also been doing some very English things like having high tea and driving through the countryside. Here are Poppy and I bundled up and on our way out to the country. Continue reading “Perhaps I was overly ambitious…and a drive through the English Countryside”