The ‘Cleaner’ Product Challenge and My New App Addiction

I’ve decided to challenge myself for a month and switch over to using more clean products that are better for you. Perhaps not the most glamorous or luxurious beauty routine but I’ve decided that if I could even find one or two products that are cleaner and work well then I’d like to switch over on a regular basis. It’s also an opportunity to explore some products that I wouldn’t typically try. Continue reading “The ‘Cleaner’ Product Challenge and My New App Addiction”

Josie Maran Cosmetics Review

I had the pleasure of meeting a lovely rep from Josie Maran Cosmetics recently. She took me through the different products and I learned many interesting facts, the first one being that Josie Maran is a total foodie and loves a whipped texture. This is why you will find a lot of the products containĀ whipped argan oil. Continue reading “Josie Maran Cosmetics Review”