Christmas Gift Guide – Over $50

Welcome back for the final instalment of the Christmas Gift Guide – the $50+ list. I realize that’s a rather ambiguous amount as this could mean a $75 item or something that’s $900. I’ve capped the higher end at around $130 because that seems like a reasonable amount without getting overly extravagant and the purpose of this gift guide is to keep things relatively affordable. Also several of the non beauty items are currently on sale, hurray!! Continue reading “Christmas Gift Guide – Over $50”

Top Four Face Cleansers

Top 4 cleansers

I love a good face cleanse, morning and night but there’s something extra satisfying about washing your face at the end of the day and getting rid of all the makeup and grime. I have to admit that I didn’t always wash my face before bed (through most of my 20s) and some nights where I didn’t even take my makeup off. Continue reading “Top Four Face Cleansers”