Perhaps I was overly ambitious…and a drive through the English Countryside

Maybe I’m an extreme optimist but taking a trip overseas with a 4 month old doesn’t lend itself to keeping any type of routine. And now I see that it’s next to impossible to write posts with any regularity whilst travelling. Needless to say, all my plans to write from the road have fallen by the wayside.

What I have been doing is catching up with lots of family and friends which has been very nice. We’ve also been doing some very English things like having high tea and driving through the countryside. Here are Poppy and I bundled up and on our way out to the country. Continue reading “Perhaps I was overly ambitious…and a drive through the English Countryside”

Travel Essentials – Beauty and Carry On

Procrastination has ¬†been the theme this week. I was supposed to start packing for our trip over the weekend, I got the diaper bag packed which consists of throwing diapers and wipes in. So last night I decided to get some serious packing done….what really happened was that I spent an hour+ ¬†going through my beauty minis and deciding what toiletries and makeup I would take. So now with one day left, I have exactly one diaper bag and one makeup & toiletry bag packed. And of course instead of packing, I’m now writing a blog post about travel essentials. Continue reading “Travel Essentials – Beauty and Carry On”

Dreaming of Greece

Over the weekend, my husband and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary. Hard to believe that one year has gone by already! Last September we went on the most fantastic honeymoon to Greece, so feeling a little nostalgic we celebrated our anniversary with dinner at a local Greek restaurant here in Toronto – Mamakas Taverna. This is the closest menu that we’ve found comparable to the food we had while travelling in Greece. Continue reading “Dreaming of Greece”