Hello! This is me, VMO (rhymes with nemo) or more formally – Victoria.

Advertiser by day, I’ve worked in the advertising industry for over 15 years and had the opportunity to work on many great global brands and exciting projects.

You can also find me on influenster.com where I write as the Canadian Editor.

I run on coffee, am a closet crafter, enjoy all things foodie and LOVE makeup and skincare products. Beauty products have been a passion ever since I was a teenager working at Shoppers Drug Mart and spending most of my pay cheques in the cosmetics department.

I live downtown Toronto with my husband, baby daughter and dog.

*Disclaimer – all reviews and opinions are my own. Items featured on this site are a mix of products purchased by myself as well as samples. I am not obligated to review all samples and if I don’t like a product, it doesn’t go up on the blog. You will see certain brands that are mentioned in multiple posts, I am not paid by these brands – I actually really like the products and think they are great quality.

vmosays.com contains some affiliate links.¬†This means if you click on a retailer affiliate link and purchase something, I may receive a very small commission. It’s not a lot by any means but it goes towards helping purchase more products for review¬†and adding new relevant content for my readers to enjoy.